New look for Georgetown town center designed by Didona Associates Landscape Architects, LLC
Danbury Library Plaza fountain part of outdoor design by Didona Associates

Didona Associates Landscape Architects Mission


Our mission is to create THRIVING, SUSTAINABLE and RESILIENT outdoor places.  We utilize a design process that is informed by SCIENCE and inspired by ART.  We incorporate solid SITE PLANNING with the principles of COMMUNITY OUTREACH, STORMWATER MANAGEMENT PLANNING, and NATIVE PLANT DESIGN to create environments that RESPECT NATURE and NURTURE PEOPLE.  We have a reputation of creating visions that inspire as well as plans that work. ​

Areas of Special Expertise


Environmentally Challenging Sites

Didona Associates has built a reputation for our ability to design sites with challenging environmental requirements. Our portfolio demonstrates our philosophy of protecting vital resources while achieving the desired design outcome.


Watershed-based Planning and Stormwater Management

We have built a reputation for our ability to deal creatively with sites having significant water involvement - either on-site or bordering watershed areas, or stormwater runoff management. We view stormwater management as an opportunity to turn a cost mandated by statute into a marketable asset.


Sustainable Design

The environment surrounding every site changes continuously. Our design solutions anticipate these changes and the project's context within the larger area. Our designs work on day 1 and in year 10.


Context Sensitive Design

We offer our clients extensive knowledge and use of the principles of context sensitive design. We extend these principles to all client projects - not just those dealing with roadway and transportation integration issues. As a result, every Didona design works for the community it serves.


Projects seeking Grants or State or Federal Funding

We have a proven track record of success in designing projects that are ideal for State and/or Federal funding under programs such as SAFETEA-LU and the 2005-2006 reauthorization of TEA-21. We assist grant writers in developing the formal application and managing it through the approval and funding process.

Professional Staff


We are a group of skilled professionals with a wide range of experiences, background and industry knowledge. Every one of our client relationships is managed by a partner who creates a project team of both inside and outside resources to meet our client's needs. You will always be in contact with a principal of the firm who understands long term relationships are built by delivering results above expectation.


Jane Didona - Founder & Principal

Jane is a Registered Landscape Architect in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey and  manages projects through the visioning, planning and design phases.


Keith R. Beaver - Partner & Senior Associate

Keith is a Registered Landscape Architect in Connecticut and New York and leads the team through the regulatory approval and construction observation phases.


Dan Clark - Associate

Dan brings more than 10 years of CAD experience and manages the design/development phases to ensure the plans are complete within our CAD systems.



Master Planning, Community Planning, Environmental Evaluation in All Planning, Land Development Planning and Regulatory Approval are the main categories of the professional services we perform as a team. Specific details are given under each category on our services page. GET INFO NOW   

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911 Memorial at Elmwood Park in Western CT
Plan for Village of Georgetown designed by Didona Associates

Our Projects


  • Danbury Library Plaza
  • Elmwood Park
  • Village of Georgetown
  • Downtown New Fairfield



New look for Georgetown town center designed by Didona Associates Landscape Architects, LLC

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