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welcome to our 30 year retrospective

Welcome to the year-long retrospective of the thirty year evolution of Didona Associates – Landscape Architects. Upon googling the symbol for the 30th anniversary, we found an appropriate metaphor for our journey, the pearl. We were just a germ of an idea that Jane Didona had when she graduated with her BLA in 1978. By 1987, that idea had grown into the seed for the firm, culminating in the formation of Didona Associates – Landscape Architects in December 1989. Over the last three decades, DALA has continued to evolve into a firm dedicated to creating impactful places that become pearls to their communities.

Over the next 12 months, we would like to discuss our early years, our Didona firm family, our projects and their impacts and our vision of the next thirty years. We hope you will enjoy the story and the journey and will comment with questions and ideas. We also hope to provide a case study of a practice of Landscape Architecture that informs the profession. So, please give us your thoughts and stay tuned because next month we will be discussing our DALA history.