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welcome to our dala blog

Welcome. This is the Didona Associates - Landscape Architects (DALA) first post on our brand new blog. I am Jane Didona. So, after almost 40 years of practice, why a blog ? I have to admit, I am a bit selfish. I want to conquer my fear of writing. I feel that this commitment will provide me with the discipline to write on a regular basis. I also feel I have a lot of information to share and it is time to give back. Years ago, I was walking on a wooded site in Trumbull, CT. and Dr Phil Barske was spending a great deal of time explaining the ecology of the site and the impact our plans would have. I thanked him for taking the time to teach a young Landscape Architect. He said, when you get to be my age, don't forget to give back. It is time. 


For the next 6 months, I have committed to writing twice a month on topics that interest me and that I have a certain expertise in. I hope you are interested, that you learn something but most important, that you share. I hope we can have a dialogue. 

Topics that interest me are of course design and landscape architecture, but also sustainability, resiliancy, storm water management, kayaking, painting, hiking, climate, alternative energy, WEW!!! Well I think you get the picture, I love the outdoors. I want to know all I can. So, this will be an adventure; a Journey in cyberspace. Thanks for your interest.  I'll be back to you soon.



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Official logo of dala - Didona Associates Landscape Architects, LLC