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regenerative landscapes

Regenerative landscape designs evolve within their environment. They are not placed but incorporated into the natural ecosystem. Regenerative design is informed by the cultural and ecological characteristics of the place, and humans are considered a part of the ecosystem.


Successful regenerative landscapes contribute to the health and happiness of the people who live, work, and play in that landscape. In contrast to designs of sustainable landscapes that mitigate the harm that a built environment imposes on the ecosystem, the regenerative landscape is designed to improve and evolve within the ecosystem, including the human experience.


DALA has been incorporating regenerative design principles in their designs for over 20 years. One example of this regenerative approach is how they contribute to the design of stormwater management structures. The structures configuration and landscaping will not only treat the quantity and quality of the runoff but enhance the environment for the local flora and fauna and provide human access and interaction. The result is a thriving landscape that also is a place for interaction, quiet contemplation, education, and healing.


DALA’s 2020 vision is to increase their knowledge base of regenerative design and continue to advocate for each landscape.


​A LEED platinum regenerative landscape includes stormwater treatment, permeable pathways and a small lawn area for play. This landscape took a mono-culture lawn and made it a place where everyone thrived.

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