Kenosia Park Riparian Buffer/Rain Garden provides water quality treatment to runoff from recreational fields before it drains into Kenosia Lake. It also serves as an outdoor environmental classroom/laboratory as well as a native plant garden.




LEED Platinum Residence Garden includes a rain fountain that acts as a catchment to roof runoff, a water quality treatment through a bio filter and a soothing backdrop to a dining patio

A formal decorative driveway entrance to a senior housing community is comprised of permeable pavers that collects the runoff through its permeable joints, allows it to infiltrate into a gravel base, improves the water quality and recharges the groundwater.

Sustainable Site Planning, Design and Landscape Architecture


Diversity of Landscape architecture

I remember a professor at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry stating that the best part of landscape architecture is the diversity of projects, and the worst part of Landscape Architecture is the diversity of projects. After 40 years of practice, I agree. Landscape Architecture is the art and science of site design and can encompass sites of several square miles to sites of several square feet.  A landscape architect can master plan a downtown or design a pocket park. The vast amount of knowledge, expertise, and experience required to practice Landscape Architecture can be daunting. Therefore, many times, a firm may specialize.

Specialties can be size or kind of project to a specific design philosophy.  In our first ten years as a firm, we realized at Didona Associates-Landscape Architects that our specialization would be around a design philosophy: “Water is a Resource.”  We strive to include design elements into every project that will protect and enhance our water resources. After thirty years, DALA has designed a diversity of projects with the consistent theme of incorporating features, structures, and plantings that treat water. This focus has opened up many opportunities including the design of beautiful streetscapes with permeable paver tree trenches, school plans that incorporate stormwater management BMPs not only for water treatment but as places for outdoor education and recreation, senior housing with a beautiful entry courtyard that includes permeable pavers and a rain garden bio filtration strip. We are now known for our designs that incorporate beauty as well as features for water quality which has provided us with a diverse client and project list. These three projects show how water quality features can become vibrant elements in public, commercial, and residential landscapes.

This article is featured in the CTASLA Fall 2019 Connecticut Landscape Architect and will be on their new website in January, 2020.



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